About Us

TSA - Trusted Partner in the merger, repair, and protect preventive using welding technology

We have been on the market since 1995. Since its inception, we are closely associated with the welding industry. In the nearly 20-year period of the company have gained a wealth of experience that has allowed us to specialize in the provision of services such as:

  • welding and other welding processes,
  • preventive protection of surface by welding methods, preventing excessive wear, friction, temperature, cavitation, corrosion and erosion,
  • regeneration of parts and accessories for a wide cross-section of manufacturing,
  • regeneration of spare parts for machines and non-standard equipment,
  • repair machinery.

We serve small and large companies across the Polish, as well as abroad. We are known for our reliability and high quality of service that we do with great attention to timeliness of assignments and price competitiveness. Thanks to our close association with the Metal Forming (stamping, forging, steel processing), foundries and machining we can offer higher than average rate of the realization of the projects.

The greatest asset of our company are people - our group of qualified professionals with years of experience which developing our company. We care about the satisfaction of our clients as well as ourselves

What's more, we are able to meet orders for unusual parts or equipment, we can realize a constant supply or individual work. We work diligently, and many companies and individuals have already trusted us. They are constantly working with us and recommend us to others.

We will help you in choosing the appropriate technology of the repair, so that we will increase the life of parts and equipment, and provide you with maximum savings associated with the cessation of production.

.Works are made by construction documentation supplied by the customer or executed by our experts. For the purposes of maintenance and emergency repair we work on the basis of the formulas provided in the form of damaged or destroyed.

The benefits of working with us are:

  • high quality of service
  • guarantee execution of the order on time,
  • competitive price,
  • minimize the costs associated with the cessation of production,
  • execution of orders for unusual parts
  • advice on the design,
  • consultancy in the field of design, selection of repair and production technology.

In addition, access to the enormous expertise of our professionals and their commitment and personal attention to every order. Availability of our services and the quality is always high, and the supply of standard parts completed within over a dozen of hours.

We cooperate with the departments chief engineer, designers, maintenance departments in many companies.

We are committed to building close relationships with our customers and we establish permanent cooperation with a number of industries as a provider of comprehensive and professional solutions, like the:

– The steel industry
- Energy industry
- The rail industry
- Mining
- Agricultural industry
- Forging industry
- Refractories industry

Execute orders for the supply of continuous and individual works and services.

The sole representative of the product of Capilla in Poland

We are also the exclusive distributor of welding consumables Capilla , which exists on welding market for over 50 years. More information can be found in the
overlab Consumables Capilla.